a case for sharing your process

I’ve got to admit, sharing this process is enhancing the process. Capturing it in pixels is different than paper journaling. I’m much more dexterous here, although my writing practice has been part of the going slow/patience exercise. I could never write as fast as I was thinking, yet i found the slowness of my writing distilled my ideas a little further and so benefitted the expression.

I did past life regression therapy in my 20’s. Alicia Tisdale was hot shit. But when I first started, having never been hypnotised before, I expected a far more altered state of consciousness and wasn’t really impressed. But images would come. And I would think, “well, this is just the inference of this idea/image, it’s not some earthshaking, obvious experience” and she would ask me to speak and so I would just relay the meager impression and BOOM! it would shift, and a new thing would come in my mind that wouldn’t leave until I said it. I learned a lot from that experience and during that time, not the least of which was new things didn’t come up until I shared the current thing.

Took me a while to put it into this kind of practice. I like it.

Thomas Hübl talks about if you are up at the spring of a river (this is paraphrasing and it’s actually gonna be pretty poor in comparison to his rendition), there with that fresh water flowing over you, what are you doing with it? Are you diverting it? Are you trying to collect it? Let it flow through you. Share what you learn so that the new fresh water keeps coming. You take your part in the stream. Which includes both receiving and expressing. Yin and Yang. They fall into each other and are the very nature of flow.

That’s what inspired this endeavor. That and Neal Donald Walsh’s Conversations with God, Awaken the Species, which implores us to “share your process.” For our own benefit and for the benefit of wherever it touches that you can’t really imagine. When I first received that thought, it had “share your process because reading about your process will help people.” But now i think they implore us to share our process because sharing it deepens it, imbues it with more life, lets life flow more freely. Not the first time I misperceived something in the hopes of promoting my ego. The truth is so much more sweet.

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