see my truth

I was born. I came into a family that had all kinds of dynamics like every family does. I had this sense of who I was, but how it was interacting with the world was never quite in flow. I didn’t quite fit in with many people, but I was content enough in my own company and thoughts. As I look back, I think the “see my truth” bug caught me in high school and ramped up dramatically when my dad died. My way of relating began with a bit of a barrage of my non-conventional nature and then an assessment of your interest or disdain. That was the dynamic that led my relationships (to the mind at the time of this writing) and certainly my family interaction. See My Truth. Then, preferably, agree with me. It actually happens a lot, but when it doesn’t, boy doesn’t it.

Today I recognize the “See My Truth” pattern, and I can also see that time spent asking people to see your truth is time spent not paying attention to living in that truth.

The truth of our nature is this magificent expression of life which most of us barely understand at all, but we’re here and we’re doing our best, and it’s largely barraging us, but we’re trying to extract the lessons and ‘get it right.’

I’m not really into the meaning of life right now, and for the first time in my life I’m finally bored by trying to ‘get it right’. I’m much more interested simply in the expression of life. What is unfolding right now. and why. Contemplating the meaning can be fun or arduous, but really just life in this constant state of expression is pretty fascinating and can keep me busy endlessly.

So, I need to see my truth. That’s all.¬†When I’m really paying attention to who I really am, my truth, my inner compass and physical state of being, I do not have the time or inclination to worry about whether you’re seeing it to. Of course you’re not. Hopefully you’re seeing your own, or feeling it out at least.


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