Every choice for love

Today I was taking myself down a little fear path, and I recognized it and shook it off. That was  a big deal for me, and I mentally chalked it up to a choice for love with a little bit of pride and a whole lot of gratitude. And then my mind took me on this little walk. Every choice for love eliminates the need for another incarnation.

What an interesting idea! All these people running around talking about not wanting to come back… OK, try this! Every time you choose love, you save yourself an incarnation. Talk about incentive!

And the incarnated master is always. choosing. love. Always. No need for more incarnations to repair choices not made in love.

So, that was a nice thought. A nice ride. A nice thing to think about and write about. A practical pathway.

Speaking of which, I had an excellent experience last night, and while I haven’t tested it again because I haven’t needed to, I was stuffed up and didn’t think I’d be able to sleep. I decided to lie on my back and breathe just the bit that could – it wasn’t much, probably less than 25% capacity. So it was slow breathing. And it was a kind of meditative pace I can’t imagine I could do that slowly any other time. So, I leaned into it and let it set the pace. 10 minutes later, the stuffiness was gone. I am certainly going to try that again.

So, this is a short one, because I’ve got an obligation, but it’s a jam-packed one in terms of neat experiences I can chronicle for

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