I love reading testimonials that say, “after three days, a lot of things cleared up, and by two weeks, I was symptom-free!” As I research protocols or products I typically become convinced that I, too, will see this sort of progress¬†and cannot wait to get started. But, so far, this has not been my experience. ¬†I really thought it would be this time.

I’ve maintained ketosis since Day 1. I am eating 3c of green leafy, and up to 2 cups each of color and sulfur. Some fermented food, some sea vegetables, 8 oz protein per day with the weekly requirement of organ meat. I’m (painfully) exercising every day, meditating every day, journaling every day: I am doing everything right and I’m still not feeling better. In fact, I am achier than I had been.

So, I want to quit.

But, as I drove my son to camp this morning, I realized, “Huh. I can drive.” There have been plenty of times when I couldn’t. So, I may not be “well” or “feeling good” but I am not worse.

So, no quitting for me.


2 thoughts on “Resistance

  1. It’s so discouraging when you don’t experience improvement. Thanks for noting that sometimes just slowing what might otherwise have been deterioration is progress! I’ve also read about people who have experienced a flare after going AIP & have stuck with it & slowly started gaining traction & experiencing noticeable healing. That takes faith!

    1. You’re really an inspiration, Petra! I have to admit, your biohacking posts have made me want to keep on this protocol – I am so happy for what you’re experiencing! I am also super touched that you visited again. I am just trying to get my sea legs (i keep forgetting to take pictures of things!) and never expected a reader! You’re so kind. Thank you. So glad you’re in flow. That’s so awesome!

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