I have had an Interesting Week

This really has been quite the 10 days. I’m not sure when I wrote last, which is sad, and a condition I’d like to change and not be in so often. I have been writing on paper. I’m taking a 7 week Feminine Power course and I love it – May have mentioned that before. Not sure. My present moment awareness is my excuse for frequent lack of recollection, but I’m OK with it because if I had to pick, present moment awareness will win every time.

Slowing down is, without question, the most productive thing I’ve ever begun. I am still a beginner, and I notice that I push myself to my limits far too often, still after many years of focused effort. Indeed, I have yet to experience a “check in” with my body in which I was not holding significant unnecessary stress. I feel so grateful that this practice is such a big part of my life.

One of the wonderful aspects of slowing down has been unplugging from needing to do something to be OK. I can sit for a very long time. 🙂  But, there are subtler elements. I used to hear about something and think “Oh! I need that!” Not much anymore. I can look at a practice a friend is doing and feel glad for them without trying to figure out how to integrate it into my practices. I mean, sometimes I might give it a whirl, but it’s not this constant seeking for the magic formula that will finally bring everything into alignment. That shit was *exhausting*.

Occasionally, things sound too interesting to pass up. Or, that whole law of threes kicks in (things get mentioned 3 times in a short period, it’s the universe saying “do this” – although now as I write this it may have something to do with marketing. But, no. I ingest so little mass media… hmmm. i’ll think about that). The threes thing kicked in with Sound Showers, Gong Bathing, call it what you will… and the price and timing were right so I spent an evening at the lovely F.U.N. Yoga studio in Riverside, CA with some preliminary kundalini yoga and 450 minutes of gong immersion. Twenty adults sleeping on a yoga studio floor while 4 facilitators played the gong. It was pretty cool. I had a dear friend (one of the threes) talk about a session with people snoring so I brought earplugs, and oddly enough could hear (and of course feel) the gongs 100% through the plugs, but none of the snoring (of which there was plenty). As a big part of my MO right now is about vibration, being in that environment for an extended period was quite cool and I believe uplifting. I did learn, however, that I am not terribly interested in sleeping on a yoga studio floor again. (much like my teepee experience. glad I did it. all set.)

I also had the great benefit of Meditation with Horses, facilitated by my dear friend and equestrian. We meditated in a horse ring with 5 mares free to mill about. I think we had about 12 people, and it was my second time at this monthly community service program. This time was especially grounding and uplifting for me – my favorite combination. And I met some wonderful women.

I also had the bizarre experience… well, my mom and I met my sister and her boyfriend in Fallbrook, CA. It was something new from our semi-monthly meetings in San Diego before they head back to Detroit for the holidays. I didn’t have particularly high expectations, but we met at Myrtle Creek Nursery & Botanical Gardens and I absolutely fell in love with the place. It was such an elevated experience of farm/garden shop, botanical garden, cafe and more… I’ve known and loved many of all of these kinds of places but this place took each to new heights – and the kindness of the people. Wow. Totally blew me away. And then we made our way to dinner in Bonsall where they gave us free appetizers and wine (“it’s Wednesday!”) and an exceptionally delicious dinner. Driving home, I was just so taken by and appreciative of what a wonderful day it had been and what a beautiful part of the state I’d just been introduced to, I adjusted my family schedule so I could bring the kids as soon as possible. I decided on Friday.

Thursday afternoon, the area was engulfed by the Lilac Fire, which is still burning and making its way to the ocean (but I think those brave and amazing firefighters will have put it out by then). Myrtle Creek was across the street from the mandatory evacuation area (thank God), and the town of Bonsall was in the center of the fire. That beautiful town with that enormous Christmas tree that blessed our holiday dinner… I have no idea if it’s still standing.

I am really of the belief that All Is Well, and that the challenges we face are toward the continued Evolution of Life Itself, marching ever towards more love, greater freedom and more elegant complexity. But sometimes, it’s hard to be present to the fullness of that promise.


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