Practices or Habits?

I don’t know where I saw it today, or what pieces of information came together to see that if you don’t have practices, you’ve got habits. If you’re not doing it intentionally, you’re doing it unconsciously. If I am not setting the direction and choosing, i am sheeple.

These past several years have been replete with new and valuable practices. From inquiry to Tai Chi, Ascending to Feminine Power, from Paul Selig’s work to health practices. I’ve got a lot of practices and it’s true, I am watching my habits diminish in the power of those practices.

Being that all of the practices are towards freedom, in love, it’s generating quite a bit of harmony in my experience of my days lately.

I can feel the judgements and stresses that have been habits. I can remember the energetic signature of certain feelings. And for a breath, I can coexist with all of it, noticing, accepting, feeling. maybe for another breath. and another. and maybe another. And the strings of moments are forming lovely little vignettes on the necklace of my life. Unedited. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense.

I do have a lot of slowing down practices. and looking for God practices, and being with God practices, and calming practices and anti-inflammation practices. But what use are they?

They’re use is transforming my life by responding as if life is friendly instead of always being on the lookout of being judged or judging. I get a little tired of it.

I’d like to be a practices connoisseur.  A sommelier for tools to ease your process  – but i have no desire to be a psychologist. I like them, and i believe they need to be well trained and I am not in for the training myself. I don’t want to dedicate my time to that field of study, though I appreciate those who do.

I want to talk about evolving humanity. I want to live in evolutionary ways. I want to be signal amongst all of the static. at least if you tune in to my vibration it is a portkey to god. I want to be a portkey to God! How cool would that be.

I don’t know what is next for me, but I know it’s about showing up in the world. I know I am self-selecting as discussed in both Selig & Neale Donald Walsch books. I really don’t care about the stories and dramas that, had all these practices not come into play, would’ve owned me. I am happy. I enjoy open communication with a family that I truly adore and truly feel the love from. The universe keeps kissing my cheek. The practices help make sure I don’t miss it. Not missing it is full and fun.

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