I am thankful.

I’m thankful i’m sitting down to write again, but also thankful for a really nice holiday. It went really well.

Just prior to everyone arriving, I sent a note to Eric Klein from Wisdom Heart thanking him for the Healing Family Karma program. I did my first run of that program 4 years ago, I think, and the energy dynamics in my body in relationship to my family and our patterns has shifted significantly and in such freeing ways. So, I thanked him. And then I thought, “probably should’ve waited until after the actually family got physically together” ala Ram Dass and “when you think you’re enlightened, go visit your family.” But I knew it was going to be lovely and loving whatever happened, so I didn’t feel I jinxed it, and if I did jinx it, it would just be an opportunity to infuse love into the pattern.

I didn’t jinx it.

In fact, I had a wonderful day.

We had a pretty organized set-up so there was very little stress. I used to organize and still stress, but with Tai Chi asking me to empty, empty, empty, as soon as I felt it I could ask if it was necessary (in which case what does it have to alert me to or have me take care of right now so I can go do that and relieve the stress), or release-able. Which it was. Nearly all of the time. And those few other times, the feeling of stress was timed with something I had to do, or at least check.

The turkey took longer than I expected. Dinner was late. I am sure I am the only one surprised by this. And I wasn’t really suprised, either. I had just tried really hard for it not to be. But the timing was fine, and everything moved along in its own rhythm that worked (if, albeit, late).

Anyhow, Thankfulness was very present and easy to maintain all day, in deep and happy ways. Reflecting back on the stress I would feel (and feel justified and. and maybe even be justified in, but still what a poor choice) and emit on holiday dinners. From doing the work (which I’ve always enjoyed, but used to be very short and stressed in – but thanks to Tucker that’s been on a path of loosening since we’ve been together) to having opinions on everyone’s life and reactions. Geez. That taxes the system! And it’s totally optional! Wow. I’m so glad my consciousness is developing away from stress and toward relaxation in the moment. These practices work. And they fill you up with yourself and life itself moving through you. And life itself responds in myriad pervasive ways. All that stress blocks it. Life is trying to kiss you through your armor and you just don’t have space to let it in. I never had space. Slowing down is creating the space. And life keeps rushing in. And it’s lovely.

Healing Family Karma was a great program. So have all the Wisdom Heart programs been.¬†And this Feminine Power course is absolutely excellent. And Byron Katie’s work. And Yoga Nidra. and “Awaken¬†the New Species Within You” program. And’s work, and ‘the energy blueprint” podcast. and Paul Selig’s books. Ohmygosh, Paul Selig’s books. And Tai Chi. And slowing down. I like this path.

and I am thankful.

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