More and More Slowing Down

There is no question that slowing down is benefitting my life in numerous and indescribable ways. As I learn more techniques, and as my value system adjusts, the practice deepens and the results are more grounded and grounding. Life gets less complex. And when I get caught up in a drama, it lasts for less time and, even better, I am able to try to expand my container to allow to drama to simplify (this, from Thomas Huebl, complexity being simplicity in the wrong size container. So rich.)

And so it makes perfect sense that I want more and more slowing down. I want to go out and acquire practices, learn new insights and techniques and perspectives. But all of that is a doing, and that is part of the old paradigm that is needing to shift. Lord knows I have enough tools. Lord knows if I could integrate and apply all of the knowledge I’ve learned, I’d surely be fully One with the Universe by now.

Of course, that’s the ticket, isn’t it? We are one with the universe at every moment in time, aware of it or not. Breaking the urge to go out and acquire more learning, and just rest in that one principle, that one truth. The full feeling of the physical and biological reality. We are made of star stuff. Nothing more. Nothing less. This great cosmos is our Mother. We are made of her because every atom in existence is Her, and therefore we are trillions of bits of her rolled into one mobile device.

Ha. We are a mobile device. That’s a funny thought. Probably leads me to ascribe more value to humans than I ever have before, because I certainly feel mobile devices add a lot of value to the human life. Geez, I felt that way when it was my ridiculous suitcase of a phone, but now, with the internet in your pocket. Mobile devices provide A LOT of value.

I love Bruce Lipton’s (or at least that’s where I heard it first) that the internet is the neural network of a shared humanity.

So, back to this mobile device concept. What value do we, in our portable package, offer God? I’ve heard “God craves experience.” We are certainly having experience. And to eat Il Posto’s black truffle risotto was in no way similar to any descriptions of it. But why are those peak experiences (really, really tasty dinners) few and far between? I suppose to provide the contrast to set them apart.

Another concept that has been evolving and unfolding in my mind is that Life Itself has placed us here to anchor love. Everything else we do might move the needle a little up or down, but the bulk of our work here is really simply to be. Now, part of being is going to involve a certain amount of action for most people, but -and this is key- the being is the important part. So that activity is non-essential to the individual value. This is a huge point for me when I’m immobile, and I have friends who are immobile and it is something that is very hard to come to terms with in our society. Maybe any society.

And so the desire for more is still a trap, even more of the good stuff. Like Krishna says in the Gita, it’s both aversions and preferences we need to release, not just the aversions. Collecting preferences is just as detrimental to the path of Liberation as wallowing in or cursing the aversions.

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