Taking journaling from the page to the pixel is a tough transition for me. Bad as my handwriting is, moving a good pen across a blank page is therapeutic to me. The process ignites my inner processing, making things clearer in a way that typing never has. I rarely read old journals, and I can’t imagine anyone will read this blog, but publically documenting a life that is dedicated to evolving feels like what’s next for me.

I am dedicated, thoroughly and totally, to evolving my life and being to express more love in more ways more frequently. Evolving to recognize God Everywhere. Everywhere, everywhere and everywhere, always and in all ways. Tall order. I’m not so great at it, but the better I get at it the better life is. This, I know, deeply and experientially, hence the total dedication. I have always played with it, thought myself a loving (enough) being, and gave good lip service, but age and circumstances have brought me to a place where I recognize both the value and the evolving nature of being a person dedicated to love.

Maybe part of today should be a sort of manifesto.

I will be writing 20-30 minutes per day, as a journal, unedited, to as authentically as possible chronicle the evolution of my thoughts and abilities in caring for myself, others and the earth to the best of my ever-evolving abilities. No polishing. I think in today’s sparkly yet so often destructive world, this is important, even though I also think it will be somewhat embarrassing, especially with the passage of time. Oh well.

The theme is “Slowing Down: Waking Up” dealing with everything from health and wellness to philosophy and practices towards expressing more love, including things like “Every Dollar Votes” – requiring me to not just randomly buy stuff, but actually look at the footprint of options each time. I’ve been doing all of this for some time and I wish I had more to show for it, but, better is better.

From a manifesto point of view, I should probably mention this: I believe God is Everywhere and Everything, Omnisicent, Omnibenevolent, Omnipresent. I believe all religions are right in philosophy even when the practices may not resonate with me. I believe that any road to God through your heart is a good road, and any road external is dangerous business indeed. This blog is me, taking that internal road. It is not a guidebook, because I have no clue of anyone else’s heart. Good Lord, with all these years of care I still barely know my own.

And that’s my time for today…

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