Ketosis, Day 1

Today I started ketosis. It seemed like a good time to start blogging since I’ve been considering it since starting this healing journey and petra8paleo blogged 10 fine reasons to start just the other day. Ever since a whole bunch of rhubarb showed up in my CSA box and I searched “AIP rhubarb” and found her strawberry rhubarb sandwiches, petra8paleo has been like a sister to me – but she wouldn’t know that because I never comment or anything.

I’m just about a year and a half into what I would classify as a focused healing effort. I was diagnosed with Lyme in 2010 and RA shortly thereafter. My doctor gave me an “Essential Fatty Acid” diet, but we both agreed I was pretty healthy already (ha!). A dear naturopath friend told me what I needed to do to get healthy (basically get in touch with the Weston Price organization and buy Sally Fallon’s book) and I remember thinking, “If that’s health, I’m not interested.” Yeah, well, you can only wake up in pain every day for so long before you rethink stupid comments like that… I am not quite a WPA member and I own, but do not use, Sally Fallon’s book, but I do a whole lot of things my 2010 self considered insane. Also, almost everyone I know. I get a lot of weird looks when I talk about why I’m not having an <insert delicious snack food here>, but I can’t deny I feel better and the more stuff I try, the better I understand what is working and what is not.

So, what I am I doing now?

I ferment things: water kefir, kombucha, ginger beer, vegetables

For 1 year, until I started this AIP/WPP (I’m going to have to come up with a better acronym), I juiced every morning. Which led me to vermicompost. That’s a lot of vegetable pulp and I’ve got some extremely happy worms in my back yard. Now that Dr. Wahls suggests smoothies over juice, I am a little worried about them. Although, once I see what ketosis means to me I’m going to try to reintroduce juice because I loved it. And I enjoyed forcing my children to drink some (I started this whole adventure a little late in the game for them. They were basically accustomed to organic snack foods, because “organic” means good for you, doesn’t it?)

I’ve done a variety of cleanse and detox diets in the last year. My husband (because he is unbelievably supportive and fantastic and altogether wonderful) has done each one with me. His favorite was the 60 day program from I liked it, and had no flare-ups during it, but I didn’t make the kind of progress i was looking for (and the tone & tenor of the website was just a little tough for me to take, even though I agreed with most of what the guy said). I love juice fasts and feel great during them (up to about 20 days is as far as I’ve gotten) but they’re just not sustainable as an actual diet, at least not for me. Enter AIP, or as my husband called it, “Clubbing yourself with a meat stick.” This from a country-raised meat-loving American man. We just couldn’t do it. Thank God for Petra.

And so, I’m off to make our second meal of the day (how great is 2 meals a day! after constant cooking on the AIP! could I love this more?) and, as usual, am late (and use far too many commas. if I am actually going to blog and put things in the public domain, I have a responsibility to myself and the world at large to curtail my comma abuse). On both counts, please excuse me.

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