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Who are We? as a shared Humanity. Why are WE here?

Humans certainly are fascinating creatures. As are all of the creatures of life. Some ridiculously bold.

I’ve spent a decent portion in my life investigating who I am and why I might be here. Lately the question is who are we? Why are WE here? Looking at the history of the universe and planet, things happening in vast expanses of time, always towards what? Life itself unfolding? More and more freedom. More and more complexity. Just like it took millions of years for plant life to develop and then -poof!- one day, flowers. then -poof!- infinite varieties of flowers. Fruits. Ever more creativity. Ever more variations.

All of these kingdoms. plant, fungus, animal, fish

we’re the creative incentive bursting forth as the universe. all of us. all of it. all of me. we are life itself unfolding, right before our very eyes.

So, as I witness, generate and explore life itself, recognizing that life itself is expressing through the entirety of experience, I see the incredible import of my attention, the stories I tell, the choices I’m unconsciously making

It’s so easy to see in our companions or the world, and so marvelously hidden in plain sight in our daily lives.

We are life itself expressing itself. And so is everything else. This human condition seems to have to do with consuming resources but what are we producing? I’m not terribly excited about all of the things humans are producing, but some of the things are very very wonderful. From symphonies and dance numbers to iphones, soft clothes and tasty foods.

Our purpose on earth, here, as humans, in this moment in time after all of these eons of evolution and being. The purpose of life, it seems to me, is to grow, develop, change… to consistently renew and express creativity and tradition, the new in the context of the old (each season’s blooms on an old tree). It just keeps getting more intricate, the lines between past and now, miniature and enormous, more and more perspectives, fractals of fractals.

So we are part of that symphony to my mind. examples of increased freedoms and capabilities, impulses new and deep-rooted both. Life Itself, we have to imagine (because we discover it more and more deeply with the passage of time and expression of science) is more than we can possibly comprehend, infinitely capable of surprising us as well as having every other impact on us.

But it’s opportunity, I think. The opportunity to be and become. That’s the real privilege of life. We have so many shoulds and musts and trying to bes,┬ábeing is a real luxury. And being, plus paying attention to where you sit in the stream of life, what am I learning and what am I expressing, naturally turns into becoming as we interact wholeheartedly with life. We *must* change through that relationship – that IS relationships. How we influence and tend each other.

So it seems quite straightforward from there that our opportunity right now, at this moment in time, as humans on earth… learning to live in balance and symbiosis with the environment is the somewhat obvious “mission.” Everyone thrives. Humans, Gaea, Flora and Fauna, Environment. How do we do this to serve life itself thriving?

Part of it is reaching into personal power. Recognizing that the objects of our attention receive quite a bit from us. Wielding our power with intention – whether through voting, spending consumer dollars (also voting, perhaps more powerfully), time, volunteering, committing ourselves to ways of being… this is the enormous opportunity of the present moment.

We learn daily about horrors on earth. Horrors of our impact on the environment, each other, other species. But we also hear daily about technological feats. The iphone permeated culture faster and more dramatically than anything since fire (sentence written for dramatic storytelling. based in opinion and a guess and a bold statement). As we marry our needs as a species/part of the whole with our technology to restore balance to the wholeness. I mean, clearly providing for the wellness of all of it is the work of the day. Where we behave as if the God in all life matters. Because it does.

Waking up appreciates the whole and the importance of every single element of the whole. Learning to listen, learning to be in relationship with life (instead of in a race to ‘win’ at it) and with each other (necessarily) and with ourselves (essentially) seems to be the journey we’re on. and it’s flipping unimaginable the infinite variations of that one journey. and let’s face it, lots of people are on lots of different journies. The variety is mind-boggling.

And so “we” are the pinnacle of life expressing in tool-using form, in our infancy of learning to harness the power of worlds, and we are here to push the edges of creativity and life itself forward into the next present moment of infinite choice and power. How cool is that?