Bad Luck/Good Luck

One of my favorite stories is that of a farmer whose horse runs away. His neighbors come out saying, “Oh, what bad luck!”

“Maybe,” replies the farmer…

Weeks later, the horse returns with two more wild horses. The neighbors: “What good luck!” The farmer: “Maybe.”

The farmer’s son breaks a leg breaking the new horses. The neighbors: “What bad luck!” The farmer: “Maybe.”

Then comes the army, drafting all able bodied lads and the son, with a broken leg is spared conscription. The neighbors: “What good luck!” The farmer: “Maybe.”

The idea: “You never know.”

About 6 months ago while touring Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour in Leavesden, England, Josie loses her cell phone. She’s certain it’s gone forever and is beyond upset. Being  the last tour of the day (of course) by the time she notices in the gift shop, the studio is dark. But, this is a small studio and it’s England, so the staff was incredibly kind and helpful, turning on the lights and walking us back through the tour sets, all by ourselves, until we find it. We also got to leave through the staff hallways – the same hallways walked by Emma Watson and Kate Middleton. So, losing that cell phone went from a crisis to a privilege.

Yesterday, Josie left her cell phone at a pastelaria in Lisbon. She realized it about 20 minutes after we left, while we were en route to Sintra. Luckily, we had decided not to take the train and so (relatively) easily turned around to retrieve it, hoping it was still there… It was, and because of that detour, we decided to go a different route on our second try, passing by the Queluz National Palace. Leaving there, we practically trip over a distinguished looking gentleman who we then find out is Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, the President-Elect of Portugal, due to be sworn in in a couple of weeks. Kindof remarkable, and certainly making ‘yet another state building’  a whole lot more interesting.

I’m starting to think she should lose her phone more often!