New Year’s Eve Tradition

Our New Year’s Eve Tradition

Since 2006 we’ve been spending New Year’s Eve in and with whatever other activities we do a Year in Review…
Pulling the ending year’s calendar off the wall and review month-by-month, writing down activities we each did, what friends we were seeing, projects, travel, old things and new things. We use A LOT of paper because as we go through the following lists, no category is complete as we’re talking about it. 20 minutes later you’ll remember something from 3 categories ago – so each category needs LOTS of white space.

In these categories, we have full lists, individual favorites and sometimes we can even agree on a family favorite:

movies we saw
music we’ve been listening to
favorite tv shows
books read this year
games played and best game
sports (player or spectator)
favorite foods of the year
best meals of the year (B,L,D, dessert)
key item (what “thing” made a difference in your life?)
favorite outfit/clothing item

silliest moment
best discovery
highlight moment (what made it so great)
low moment (how are you feeling about it now? what helped heal it/what might we need still?)

People who were a big part of our year

Birthday memory
What you currently think you’ll want to “be when you grow up”
Halloween costumes
Favorite christmas present (received)
Favorite gift given
Other new or noteworthy items (who learned how to whistle? etc)

Then we look at the coming year, what we’d like to do and/or learn

Now that the kids are getting older, and me being me, we’re beginning to have social activism conversations, what is it that broke our hearts this year? What can we do in our lives to impact that?  This is really an exciting new aspect of this tradition. (I’m inspired by Scilla Elworthy’s Business Plan for Peace)

I always go through all of the old year’s lists, too (this started because I had a bunch of spare pages in my annual journal, so it became the filler – and we enjoyed it so much i’d save space so I’d be sure to finish off my journals with the review. Now I’ve transcribed the years up until now and this has a dedicated journal i’ll keep with the xmas decorations).

Sometimes this whole process is complete in an hour (last year was very low energy) and while we were traveling, it took hour after hour of lively contributions… each year is different, but it has been a very nice tradition for us, so I thought I’d share…