Waking Up

A great awakening is happening on the planet. (Oh. Yeah. A whole lot of destruction and drama and sleeping is going on, too.) It’s in the air – and it needs to be. We’re at a fascinating time in human history, the choice between continuing to do things in unsustainable ways, or learning to live harmoniously on this planet.

I’m really into talking/thinking/contributing to the development of the harmony.

I spend a lot of time reading, writing, doing practices, doing bodywork, opening up to more and more love, healing, freedom and order. It is working. I was doing a lot of these things for a long time, but it hadn’t started working yet. I hadn’t found my recipe. But, right now I’m engaged in a recipe of practices that is bonafidedly¬†waking me up. Bringing me fully in my body in my power, in the stillness and with curiosity. It’s pretty exciting stuff. And there are lots of teachers, on the internet, in books and programs – we are living in a time of lots of brilliant people sharing themselves to raise our consciousness. Drink greedily from the font of wisdom.

So this part is documenting various teaching and practices and what impact they are having.  It will grow in the coming weeks.