As I write this, another fire rages, this one just a few miles from my house. Important papers and favorite items are ready if we need to leave. Now, we’ve packed into a car about 100 times because of our trip, but it’s still never easy. And it is. All at the same time. Life is like that, I guess.

With all these fires, it’s hard not to think about the end times. and how often people have stood on soap boxes saying the end is near, and how often they are wrong. or are they?

i remember Y2K particularly well. i lived on a small lake with a wood stove and plenty of candles, so I wasn’t too afraid of a technology breakdown. A lot of dudes I worked with had bunkers and guns and MRE’s. I don’t like to work that hard.

Of course, the year 2000 came and went with no noticeable blip in services, but I’ve got to tell you, my personal life changed forever. That’s when I met my husband. I actually met him on July 2, 1999 and we began dating the following March. He was completely different from anyone I’d ever met, and through him my life changed dramatically. Few people who knew me would have predicted the change. For me, it was the kind of pivot everyone expected Y2K to be. So, in my life the prophecy was right on.

Same with 2012. Everyone wondered if some palpable shift might happen, or the space ships would show up, or *something interesting* and lots of people were very disappointed. I was not one of them.

On December 21st, my children finished their last day before christmas vacation and their transfer to a new school in the new year. Only, just moments before they got home, the new school called and cancelled. I was in bed with a flare up and had been already for maybe 10 days. I panicked. I jumped to trying to solve it and happened upon West River Academy, an unschooling umbrella school that basically soothed me in an instant. Speaking to Peggy calmed me right down. “Your kids will ask if they can do something, and you will say “yes” – and see how it goes. Public school will always take them back.”

after the holidays, i noticed my kids getting along better. And that our evenings weren’t spent with the sport/dinner/homework/bath series of arguments. It transformed our lives. It led to our big trip. 2012 transformed my life as drastically as 1999 did. Who could’ve guessed?

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