Everyone’s Life is Different

While I literally believe “we are all one” I am also just so blown away by how different our lives are. our bodies. our opinions and beliefs and proclivities…. the diversity on this planet is truly astounding. And all of those dozens of ‘wonder cures’ I tried on the internet, that I genuinely believe fully worked for plenty of people (and hence my willingness to give it a shot). Every body is different, and it is up to each of us to feel around in there and be and express who our internal self is asking us to be.

I’ve had this wonderful coalition of inputs over the past three months, maybe a little more. I’m loathe to change anything because I really like the direction my health, mind, contribution and general wellness are headed in. I would imagine this is probably my 1,967th combination of elements since getting sick. I’d say about 200 of them were really solid, but none quite like this.

But, we know your mileage may vary. indeed, my own mileage may vary next week. these periods of homeostasis or growth are periods. learning to listen and be responsive instead of reactive makes the transitions between them smoother. less surprising, less caught-off-guard.

Assuming the body is in the right and has an important message, slowing down to  listen takes us into greater love, freedom and communion with ourselves, others, and the universe.  It is a moment of mindfulness met with a heaping helping of nurturance to the highest expression of the individual and the whole. Every breath counts. And truly, every breath summons a cascade of the universe’s loving response. So, yeah. I want to do that all the time.

Most meditation techniques start with a decent chunk of time – 15minutes or more, although I’ve seen apps with some much more manageable bites – 2-10, which i think is great. I had the worst attitude in the world toward sitting meditation. Sitting meditation was the one thing I wanted to not have to do. It wasn’t until I came to it through moments of deep listening  I wanted to extend that the whole thing turned around.

I really do believe that every breath counts. And every moment offers the opportunity for one of these healing, restorative breaths. It’s actually just the application of focus and intention on that which is happening regardless. May as well make it restorative.

But what restorative means differs for everybody, and on every day for the same person. so the practice isn’t so much a prescription but a development of sensitivity towards the present moment and how to meet it with love, openness and strength.

Because isn’t that what we all want? We’re doing it different ways, but we’re seeking happiness as we define it. That’s the reason for the diversity and that’s the opportunity. Because how we define happiness defines us.



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