A week of meals

I’ve eschewed routine all my life. As in, I don’t even brush my teeth at the same time every day. No one was going to curtail my spontaneity! I fancied myself a free spirit, even if my lack of routine made things – well, unpredictable and often difficult. When I had my first child some 12 years ago, I learned the value of routine (having Josie on a schedule made her happier and therefore my life easier) but I tried not to let it trickle into MY reality. Funny how I kept everything compartmentalized for so long…

I learned maybe a decade ago that when I criticize a thing, I am doomed to live it. My sister’s deer-in-headlights look in photos? Yep, that was my first realization and it still gets me if I’m not cognizant of the hilarity of the turnabout. But, it’s come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and currently it has to do with building habits and establishing routines. All that stuff I swore I’d never do. Not only am I doing it, I’m craving it and the more I integrate, the more I like it.

This week has been a realization of epic proportions. I’ve tried to meal plan before, but it’s never worked. I’ve purchased meal plans with shopping lists, and I dutifully go through the whole thing once, but never again because I didn’t care for everything and somehow didn’t want or know how to go through the trouble of just modifying appropriately. Until now. I have spent the better part of 6 months in my kitchen. I have become desperate enough and eager enough that not only have I put together a meal plan (with repeat meals – a huge no-no before) and we’ve done a week successfully, but it’s birthing new benefits like bunnies in springtime: We all liked it so we’re willing to repeat it! Modifying it a little here and there to suit everyone feeling “choice” is actually easy! Because it’s repeatable, the kids have ideas how they can help! Shopping is easier, using leftovers is actually happening – the list goes on… (I recognize this is not a big deal for a lot of people who sorted all of this out easily and naturally in the first weeks of independent living/marriage/parenthood, but not me. This is new to me and I’m downright giddy…)

So here’s what it is, and it has me in ketosis so I’m going to stick with it:

Weekday breakfast: (first a 1/2l of water, then 1/2l of bone broth while i’m putting this stuff together) Petra’s Victorious muffin, Petra’s coconut fudge, a green smoothie (2c greens/1 scant cup berries, 1 can coconut milk), a salad with fermented vegetables (weekend breakfast is the same except instead of a meat muffin, it’s a slice of some organ meat sausage from USWellness Meats – another thing I was pretty sure I would NEVER do).

Weekday Dinner: 4 nights per week: Fish (grilled sablefish, salmon, ahi or halibut from Vital Choice) with a huge salad; 2 nights per week Some Roast Meat (the day it is roasted and the leftover night) with a swamp of greens cooked with onion in bone broth. And finally, a grilled night that is chicken or turkey or steak, grilled veggies and a salad  (and a coconut fudge muffin for dessert any of those nights).  Kombucha or water kefir (especially basil lemonade, my current favorite flavor) to drink. If I get hungry in between, I have a tablespoon or two of coconut oil.

My kids aren’t eating exactly the same (for example they eat 3 meals per day), but their additions are completely manageable and they’re helping, which is awesome.

There was a powerpoint presentation going around years ago about an eagle at 30 years old or so painfully plucking out it’s own feathers, talons, and even beak. If it did this, it went on for another 30 years. If it didn’t it would perish. The story’s not true for eagles, but I think it may be true for me (adding a decade). I feel that way about myself and changing my points of view and especially my habits. It isn’t easy, but it’s quite simply the only way to go on. What I was doing before, whether it worked or not for me then (and it’s a mixed bag) simply will not work anymore. Funny I spent so many years trying to identify and communicate “who I am”  because the nature of reality dictates that to be healthy that definition must be ever-changing. I love this newness and having to strip back all those things I thought I knew about myself and the world. I especially appreciate that I model for my kids not to pigeonhole yourself because things change. Together we’re all learning to embrace change and discover its new treasures and even then be willing to give that up for the next wave when it naturally comes around. Certain things need to be kicked to the gently escorted to the curb; other things grow and intensify. It evokes the discussion, “what’s worth holding on to, and at what cost?”

Interesting times…

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